8 Great Spring Hikes in Northern Virginia Near Washington DC

Updated on March 17, 2024 by Julie McCool

Here are 8 great spring hikes in Northern Virginia with beautiful views and interesting stops, perfect for fun outings close to Washington DC. These are my favorite easy spring walks in the area because they fill with spring flowers and usually aren't too waterlogged. Plus, these spring hikes in Northern Virginia offer nice views and interesting things to see along the way.

These Northern Virginia spring hikes include 3 to 5-mile walks, over easy to moderate terrain. Some of the hikes are stroller friendly, and one is wheelchair accessible. Some of these hikes also appear in our guide to the best nature trails in Northern Virginia.

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1. Potomac Heritage Trail at Riverbend Park

The Potomac Heritage Trail at Riverbend Park is one of the best spring hikes in Northern VA for an easy walk in nature. This is an excellent family hike (my family's favorite for Mother's Day), with an easy trail and lots to see. Riverbend is also a good choice for folks with limited mobility because the bluebells are close to parking and the trail is pretty level.

In early April, the sandy trail is bordered by a profusion of beautiful Virginia Bluebells. The delicate blossoms cover the ground and fill the woods with color.

Spring Hike in Northern Virginis to See Bluebells on the Potomac Heritage Trail at Riverbend Park
Bluebells at Riverbend Park

Above the trail, white Sycamore trunks stand out against blue skies, while birds swoop over the Potomac River. Bluebells are a highlight, but you'll also see trillium, mayapple, and other wildflowers beside the trail. Take our guide to Spring Wildflowers in Northern Virginia with you and see how many varieties you can find.

Virginia wildflowers at Riverbend Regional Park
Virginia wildflowers at Riverbend

The trail at Riverbend is level and close to the river except for a 600-yard cutback that takes a steep detour over a bluff. Begin your hike at the Riverbend Park Visitor Center, which offers educational displays and restroom facilities. The Visitor Center deck and surrounding tables are nice picnic spots.

2. Bluebell Trail at Bull Run Regional Park

As the famous cherry blossoms fade, Virginia Bluebells take over. The beautiful Bluebell Trail at Bull Run Regional Park is another of the prettiest spring hikes near DC. The easy 1.5-mile loop borders two streams, Cub Run and Bull Run. Note that this popular trail can get very muddy when it rains.

Bluebells bloom on a River Trail Hike at Bull Run Park Virginia
Bluebell Trail Hike at Bull Run Park

Part of the loop overlaps with the northern Bull Run Occoquan Trail (BROT). That makes the Bluebell Trail ideal for a short kid-friendly hike, but easy to extend with a longer and more challenging hike on the 19-mile BROT.

Virginia Bluebells generally emerge in late March and reach peak bloom in early to mid-April. Hikers on the Bluebell Trail walk through a sea of gorgeous pink and blue blossoms, which surround the path on both sides.

Virginia bluebells at Bull Run
Virginia bluebells at Bull Run

A long boardwalk at one end of the loop offers more to see. With free entry, ample parking, and plenty of spots to picnic and play, Bull Run Park makes a lovely day trip from Washington DC. If you love wildflowers, also add the stunning Trillium Trail Hike to your list.

3. Washington & Old Dominion Connector and Meadowlark Gardens

The Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Connector Trail is a paved 1.25-mile pathway linking the W&OD bike trail to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. The connector is very steep as it approaches Meadowlark Gardens, so you'll get a good workout.

The Connector Trail is an especially beautiful spring hike when your efforts are rewarded with late-blooming cherry trees at a curve near the park.

W&OD Connector Trail cherry blossoms near Meadowlark Gardens
W&OD Connector Trail cherry blossoms

If your outing includes strollers or children, you're better off parking at Meadowlark to walk the more forgiving trails inside the garden and near the lot. There is a pretty picnic spot near the parking area (no picnicking inside the garden). Crabapple trees line the nearby paved trail with spring blooms.

Flowering trees on the Perimeter Path at Meadowlark Gardens Vienna VA
Perimeter Path, Meadowlark Gardens Vienna VA

The small entry fee to Meadowlark is well worth your access to more flowering trees and plants. Cherry trees line the lower pond and magnolias bloom near the visitor center. Of course, there are more lovely flowers throughout the gardens.

Pink Virginia Cherry Blossoms at Meadowlark Botanical Garden in Vienna VA
Cherry Blossoms at Meadowlark Botanical Garden

Find more family-friendly trails in our guide Wheelchair Accessible and Stroller Friendly Trails in Northern Virginia.

4. Burke Lake

The 4.5-mile trail around Burke Lake makes our great hikes list every season. In spring, the wide dirt loop trail stays relatively dry even after a storm. Birds are especially active as they work to attract a mate. Trees and flowers are vibrant in their new green colors.

The path around the lake is mostly level so it's a good option for families and is also a popular bike trail. A paved portion of the trail is wheelchair accessible and offers ADA-compliant fishing platforms.

Burke Lake Park Trail in early spring
Burke Lake Park Trail

In early April, a scale-model train ride and carousel began weekend operations, so there is extra fun if you're hiking with kids. Return in Autumn to enjoy Burke Lake surrounded by colorful fall foliage.

Burke Lake Park offers family-friendly biking in Northern Virginia
Spring Biking at Burke Lake Park

5. Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt Island offers one of the best spring hikes close to Washington DC. In fact, the island is technically part of DC, but the parking and access are in Virginia. Even if the trail is muddy due to heavy rains and Potomac River flooding, the island offers an easy spring walk with interesting sights.

Theodore Roosevelt Island in Winter
Theodore Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island trails are popular with birders, joggers, families, and workers out for a break. Hikers enjoy dirt paths, a long boardwalk, and interesting history at the plaza that tops the island.

Follow the mostly level Swamp Trail to see wetland birds and peeks of DC across the river. Then climb the low hill to see the park memorials to Theodore Roosevelt (a good picnic spot).

Roosevelt Island Swamp Trail
Roosevelt Island Swamp Trail

Return in late spring and summer to see the wetlands transformed into a green oasis. During summer, water features add to the Roosevelt Memorial plaza's charm.

The Theodore Roosevelt Island Hike Swamp Trail Boardwalk., one of the Best Hikes in Northern Virginia
Theodore Roosevelt Island Hike

6. Glade Stream Valley Trail and Walker Nature House

In Reston, the Glade Stream Valley Trail and Walker Nature House combine a paved path by a wetland and a fun nature center. The Glade stream was improved to reduce flooding and erosion, and it's now a lovely spot for spring hikes. I have seen eagles, foxes, deer, and other wildlife in the wetland.

Glade Stream Valley Trail
Glade Stream Valley Trail

If you want to include hills, begin your hike at Twin Branches Road and follow the signs that point toward Hunters Woods. To avoid hills, park on Soapstone Road and enjoy a level, paved path that is stroller and wheelchair-friendly.

Dirt trails through the woods connect to the Walker Nature Center, which offers information about local nature, along with bathrooms and a water fountain.

Kid's area at the Walker Nature Center in Reston VA
Kid's Area, Walker Nature Center, Reston

Nearby, the Lake Thoreau Loop Trail in Reston is another good option for spring hikes in Northern VA. A few miles away is an interesting trail around Lake Anne that passes through some of Reston's oldest neighborhoods. With over 55 miles of paved and natural trails, easy hikes are among the best things to do in Reston.

7. Manassas National Battlefield

Many of the trails at Manassas National Battlefield cross open fields that were the scene of the Civil War battles of First and Second Manassas. That makes them a good choice in spring before the heat and humidity of summer arrive.

Henry House and fence Manassas Battlefield VA
Henry Hill, Manassas Battlefield

Take the First Manassas Loop Hike for a fascinating walk through history. Or enjoy a shorter easy walk on the long boardwalk near the historic Stone Bridge. A third option is to explore the area near the Visitor Center on the Henry Hill loop trail.

Boardwalk near the Stone Bridge Manassas Battlefield NP
Boardwalk near Stone Bridge, Manassas Battlefield

Explore the region with our guide to Prince William County Virginia Sites for History and Hiking.

8. Huntley Meadows Park

The Huntley Meadows Park hike wanders through a unique hemi-marsh, one of the best hidden gems in Northern Virginia. The wetland is one of our favorite spring hikes with kids when the plants, animals, and birds emerge from their winter naps.

spring break outing at Huntley Meadows Virginia
Spring Break Outing, Huntley Meadows Park

Walk the 2-mile loop trail from the Visitor Center through the woods and over the beautiful marsh boardwalk. Huntley Meadows's wide stone dust trail and boardwalk are stroller-friendly and ADA compliant.

You may see resident beavers and deer, and you are sure to see turtles and a great variety of birds. On one visit, beavers had built their dam over part of the boardwalk, offering a close-up look at nature.

Beaver dam covers part of the boardwalk at Huntley Meadows Park in Northern VA
Beaver Dam, Huntley Meadows Park

The Observation Tower is a lovely place to enjoy the view and a picnic. Be sure to stop in the Visitor Center to learn more about the unique nature that calls Huntley Meadows home.

The Accessible Boardwalk Trail at Huntley Meadows Park, a Spring Bucket List Destination in Northern Virginia
Huntley Meadows Boardwalk in Spring

BONUS: Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is a good choice for spring hikes devoted to solitude and reflection. To really appreciate the magnitude of our nation's heroes and loss, we recommend a long walk on the streets throughout the cemetery.

In spring, you'll see beautiful blooming cherry trees and haze-free views of DC. And the paved streets are usable even after heavy rain.

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington Cemetery is not a place for play. Picnicking, jogging, and biking are not allowed, and visitors should use decorum in this solemn place. Venture beyond the main bus stops, and take time to honor the heroes at rest in this beautiful and heart-breaking cemetery.

These spring hikes in Northern VA are a fantastic opportunity to see the views transformed as green returns and blooms emerge. Whichever spring trail you choose, you will find something new to see on every outing.

Looking for more spring activities in Northern Virginia? Plan a whole season of outings with my picks for 30 Fun Spring Bucket List Adventures in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. I asked local experts for their tips on Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Spring in Northern Virginia. And you'll find more great hikes in my guide to the 15 Best Nature Trails in Northern Virginia for Wildflowers and Wildlife.

Thanks for visiting and happy hiking!

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The best Spring hikes in Northern VA for beautiful nature, interesting stops, and fun outings close to Washington DC.
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