5 Places Near DC for Beautiful Late-Blooming Cherry Trees

Updated on April 10, 2024 by Julie McCool

Late-blooming cherry trees in Northern Virginia and Washington DC inject a burst of pink into the spring landscape. Kwanzan Cherry trees bloom 2 to 3 weeks after the peak Tidal Basin bloom, which is dominated by the more delicate Yoshino Cherry.

Late-blooming Kwanzan trees give us another chance to capture beautiful cherry blossom photos before spring slides into summer. These big, puffy flowers are my favorite cherry blossoms and they make a lovely backdrop for photos.

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In 2024, the Tidal Basin cherry trees peaked early on March 17 followed by cooler weather. The Kwanzan trees are beginning to peak the second week of April.

Late-Blooming Cherry Trees in Northern Virginia and DC

Kwanzan cherry trees produce dense clusters of pink double flowers that look like little pom-poms. The trees have wide, spreading branches that are darker than the Yoshinos. Blossoms stay on the tree even when leaves emerge, adding extra color to spring photos.

Below are five free places I visit to see and photograph late-blooming cherry trees in the Washington DC area. Some of these trees are in residential neighborhoods so be respectful and stay out of private yards. And of course, never climb on cherry trees and don't pick the blooms. Those branches are more fragile than they look.

Kwanzan cherry blossoms in focus
Kwanzan cherry blossoms

Plan for earlier blooms with my guide to the best places to see cherry trees in the DC area. And see over 1200 cherry trees in Kenwood Maryland, a walkable neighborhood just north of Washington DC.

East Potomac Park, Washington DC

East Potomac Park is the best place to see a large collection of late-blooming cherry trees in Washington DC. There are more than 480 Kwanzan cherry trees in the park with many clustered together, creating a tunnel of blossoms.

The cherry blossoms are easy to see from the road that circles the park, but it's also a great place to explore on foot or bike. There are plenty of parking spots around the edge of the park and this is a lovely spot for a picnic.

Stop on the west side and you have great views across the Potomac River. It's a fun spot to watch planes taking off and landing at Reagan National Airport.

Visit East Potomac Park using our Cherry Blossom Scenic Drive route, or put Hains Point in your GPS. The National Mall Facebook page usually shares photos of the Kwanzan cherry trees when they reach peak in bloom.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Another beautiful place to see trees and gardens in bloom is Old Town Alexandria. Brick sidewalks and historic homes are a wonderful complement to blooming cherry trees. Late-blooming Kwanzan trees are sprinkled around the neighborhood, inviting you to walk and explore.

We spied this pretty cherry tree in bloom on North Pitt St (near Queen St). Another tree on North Fairfax Street (near Princess) has low branches perfect for a close-up.

Late-blooming Kwanzan cherry blossoms in Old Town Alexandria
Cherry Blossoms, Old Town Alexandria

Shouse Village, Vienna Virginia

One of the prettiest collections of late-blooming cherry trees in Northern Virginia lines the roads in Shouse Village. The village is named for Catherine Filene Shouse, the benefactor who donated the land and funds to create Wolf Trap National Park.

Spectacular Kwanzan cherry trees line the sidewalks on Shouse Road in Vienna Virginia. This 1-mile loop road forms a hub, with short, musically-named sidestreets as its spokes.

Late-blooming cherry trees line Shouse Road in Vienna Virginia
Late-blooming Cherry Trees Shouse Rd

You can see the roadside cherry trees from your car, so this is a good destination for people with limited mobility. However, we recommend walking the loop if you can. Sidewalks on either side of the road give you a chance to walk beside and under the pretty cherry blossoms.

Pink Kwanzan cherry blossoms in front of a blue sky in Vienna Virginia
Pink Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms

There is a particularly nice cluster of trees between Gamma and Dulcimet Court. And you'll see many more nice blossoms on sidestreets including Tuba, Spinet, and Mandolin Court.

Extend your fun with a picnic or a hike on the Wolf Trap Trail Loop at nearby Wolf Trap Park.

Meadowlark Gardens Connector Trail, Vienna Virginia

There is a pretty cluster of late-blooming cherry trees on the outer grounds of Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. These trees line a corner at the southeast edge of the park, at the corner of Beulah Road and Meadowlark Road in Vienna Virginia.

Like East Potomac Park, these late-blooming cherry trees are ideal to visit by bicycle or on foot. You can ride or walk to the trees from the W&OD Bike Trail, following the Meadowlark Connector Trail. Just be prepared for some steep hills on your way.

W&OD Connector Trail cherry blossoms near Meadowlark Gardens
W&OD Connector Trail cherry blossoms

For an easier approach, park at Meadowlark Gardens and turn right on the paved path just outside the fence. Or follow the paved path behind the picnic area between two rows of flowering trees.

Meadowlark Gardens outer path lined with apple blossoms
Meadowlark Gardens Path

Watch for a white gate on your left as you round the corner; the trees are on the other side of the gate.

Cherry branches and gate on the Meadowlark Connector Trail
Meadowlark Connector Cherry Trees

There are many more blooming trees and flowers to see inside Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. We highly recommend you visit this and other gorgeous Virginia and DC gardens to see some more spring blooms.

Ad Hoc Road, Great Falls VA

There are two rows of late-blooming cherry trees at the entrance to Ad Hoc Road in Great Falls, Virginia. This is a small dead-end road in a quiet neighborhood so it's not a great spot to take photos. Fortunately, you can see the trees from your car as you drive on Georgetown Pike.

Ad Hoc Road cherry trees in Great Falls VA
Ad Hoc Road Cherry Trees

You can see many more beautiful flowering trees, gardens, and stately homes on a scenic loop drive through Great Falls. If time allows, stop for a hike at Riverbend Park to see beautiful Virginia bluebells and more spring wildflowers in bloom. Nearby Seneca Park is another great place for a wildflower hike, and Great Falls Park is just down the road.

Late-blooming cherry trees are one of the most beautiful signs of spring in Virginia and Washington DC. Fortunately, they are easy to enjoy by car, bike, or on foot at these beautiful parks, neighborhoods, and trails.

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Close-up of Kwanzan blossoms—Free places to see late-blooming cherry blossoms in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area.
Places to See Late-blooming Cherry Blossoms