Pie Shops and Pi Day Celebrations in Northern Virginia

Updated on March 22, 2024 by Julie McCool

Find tasty treats and more at these local pie shops in Northern Virginia on Pi Day and all year long. Here are playful and tasty ways to celebrate Pi Day in Northern Virginia, along with great websites with pi facts and fun for all.

Our Pi Day guide includes a sampling of favorite bakeries in Northern Virginia where you can buy a delicious, fresh pie for your celebration. Of course, you don't need to wait for Pi Day to sample these wonderful pie shops in the DC area.

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Pi Day 2015 was extra special because the date and time—3-14-15 9:26:53—aligned to match the first 10 digits of Pi (Greek letter “π”). Though 2023  is not so spectacular, every year offers an opportunity for celebration and fun with math.

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Celebrate with Local Pie from Tasty Northern Virginia Bakeries

Celebrate Pi Day with a fresh made pie from Northern Virginia bakeries.

Visit these Northern Virginia bakeries and restaurants for tasty pie of the sweet, savory, or pizza variety. These are some of best NoVA pie shops and some offer special Pi Day offers and deals.

Mom's Apple Pie, Leesburg and Round Hill

Moms Apple Pie in Leesburg, Virginia
Moms Apple Pie, Leesburg, Virginia

This family-owned and operated gem packs loads of deliciousness into a tiny storefront, one of our favorite places to eat in Leesburg VA. Mom's Apple Pie is known for natural, preservative-free, made-from-scratch pies, and they offer the widest variety of sliced and whole pies we've found.

Moms Apple Pie has a big selection of whole pies and slices
Moms Apple Pie pies, Leesburg
Moms Apple Pie slices
Moms Apple Pie slices

At the Leesburg location, you'll also find a case loaded with homemade cakes, cookies, giant brownies, loaves of bread, and other goodies. We sampled Chocolate Pecan Pie (amazingly good!), Irish Soda Bread, and a delicious bowl of Curried Apple and Sweet Potato soup.

This is a destination that's worth a drive. Be sure to look up to admire the pie plate-lined ceiling.

Moms Apple Pie ceiling in Leesburg VA
Moms Apple Pie ceiling in Leesburg VA

Head west on Route 7 to sample the same tasty pies at Mom's Round Hill location then enjoy a fun day trip to historic Bluemont Virginia.

The Mom's Apple Pie shop in the quaint town of historic Occoquan has closed, but a new bakery is open in the same space. Visit The Golden Plum for tasty pies, cookies, breads, and more.

Most years, all of the Mom's locations create special pi-shaped and decorated pies and cookies.

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Little Apple Pastry Shop, Aldie

2023 Update: The Little Pastry Shop will close at the end of 2023 and hopes to reopen in a new space.

The Little Apple Pastry Shop bakes fresh apple pies daily, available whole or by the slice. The shop usually offers special flavors and deals on Pi Day and other holidays like St. Patrick's Day and Easter.

Little Apple Pastry Shop in Aldie Virginia
Little Apple Pastry Shop, Aldie

You can also call ahead or order online from a list of nearly 50 other pie varieties including fruit, sugar-free, special, and cream pies. The shop also offers country ham biscuits, sandwiches (including a popular fresh turkey sandwich), and other treats.

Visit the shop in Aldie then enjoy a scenic drive on the historic Snickersville Turnpike.

Little Apple Pastry pie Aldie Virginia
Little Apple Pastry pie, Aldie, Virginia

The Upper Crust, Middleburg

Upper Crust Bakery Middleburg Virginia
Upper Crust Bakery, Middleburg, Virginia

We first visited the Upper Crust in Middleburg for a quick lunch, but the bakery items are the bigger draw. The bakery case is packed with tasty-looking cookies, whoopee pies, and unusual treats like the cow puddle.

They carry an impressive selection of whole pies, including the oddly named Jingleberry Pie and the Johnny Doughboy (apple with maple crust). Just be sure to bring cash because they don't take credit cards.

Visit this pie shop in the quaint town of Middleburg on a Beautiful Hunt Country Scenic Drive in Northern Virginia.

Upper Crust pies, Middleburg
Upper Crust pies, Middleburg

Pie Gourmet, Vienna

Pie Gourmet Vienna Virginia
Pie Gourmet, Vienna, Virginia

Another Northern Virginia bakery with a pie focus is Pie Gourmet in Vienna. They have a selection of more than 50 custom dessert pies, 13 dinner pies, 10 cheesecakes, gluten-free pies, and more.

Stop by to see what's available that day or order ahead by phone or online. Prices are a bit higher, but the pies are all handmade from scratch, and they have many avid fans.

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Pie Gourmet pie case, Vienna VA
Pie Gourmet pie case, Vienna VA

Amphora Bakery, Herndon

Amphora Bakery in Vienna VA
Amphora Bakery in Vienna VA

Amphora's restaurant locations are popular spots for Sunday morning breakfast or a late-night snack. A separate bakery location in Herndon offers a case-full of cakes, pies, and treats and there's a long list of pies on their website. (Unfortunately, the Vienna location is closed permanently.)

Amphora usually celebrates Pi Day with special pies marked with the symbol of the day. Stop by to see which pies are available, order ahead online, or visit the restaurant to enjoy a slice.

Amphora Bakery display case in Vienna VA
Amphora Bakery display case in Vienna VA

Livin the Pie Life, Arlington

Thanks to our alert reader, Cara, we are adding Livin the Pie Life in Arlington to our pie shop list. While we have not visited ourselves (yet!), we hear great things about this small-batch bakery that sources ingredients locally.

This local pie shop offers an extensive menu of fruit, sweet, and savory pies that you can order online or purchase in the shop. Arlington pie lovers should consider joining the Pie of the Month Club for tasty pie all year long.

Craft Your Own Pi Day Celebration at Home

Once the pies are ordered, it's time to plan your Pi Day celebration. Here are some ideas and links for family-friendly Pi Day fun.

Plan a Pi Day Party

Get the kids involved and craft your own homemade Pi Day fun.

Eat Round Foods For A Day

See if you can spend the whole day eating round foods and pie. Extra points for pineapple slices, pita bread, and pickles, since they are round and begin with “pi.” If you want to challenge (torment) your children, have them calculate the circumference of each of the food items you eat. Serve everything on round plates, of course.

Here's a sample round and tasty Pi Day Menu for committed celebrators.

  • Breakfast: Cheerios or pancakes, with banana slices and blueberries
  • Lunch: meatballs and provolone on pita bread; sliced carrots, cucumbers, and pickles; and pineapple slices, pie or cookies for dessert
  • Snack: Ritz crackers with mini Babybel cheese and pepperoni slices
  • Dinner: a savory pie (like Shephard's pie), quiche, or pizza, with more pie and a nice round scoop of ice cream for dessert

See a Math Inspired Movie

Plan a special movie night with math-heavy movies like Hidden Figures, The Martian, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and A Beautiful Mind.

No time for a movie? Dig out your Three Stooges DVD collection and re-watch those pie fight classics In the Sweet Pie and Pie and Half Wits Holiday.

Take a Pi Day Outing

Visit Albert Einstein in Washington DC

Did you know that March 14th is Albert Einstein's birthday? Make a pilgrimage to Washington DC's Albert Einstein statue and get a picture sitting with our favorite math genius on his Pi birthday.

Albert Einstein Memorial in Washington DC, a fun photo spot.
Albert Einstein Memorial DC

Run a 5K… And a Bit More

The math-minded students at Thomas Jefferson High used to host an annual “Pi Miler” run at Burke Lake Park. You can always create your own Pi-inspired run.  Since a 5K is 3.1 miles, you'll want to keep running a bit past the finish line to achieve a perfect Pi distance.

Make a Pi Sculpture

Pi sign sculpture made of snow at Great Falls Park VA
Pi snow sculpture, Great Falls Park VA

We spied this fabulous pi snow sculpture at Great Falls Park before the big day in 2015. If there's no snow on the ground this year, be creative! Maybe you can sculpt your pi with mud; plentiful after pre-spring rains. Worst case, you can go two-dimensional and create a pi-inspired drawing in the dirt.

More Pi Fun

Mind blown in 3 easy steps:

  1. Write down the first 3 digits of pi on a big piece of paper.
  2. Hold your sign up in front of a mirror.
  3. What does it spell?

Coincidence? I think not.

pi coincidence from hahpix.com
Image from Hahpix.com

Visit PiDay.org

Immerse yourself in pi with a visit to PiDay.org. Be sure to enjoy the persistence and symmetry in the wonderful 3 minute 14 second long video of Pi in dominoes. Stay to the end to see how pi was used to estimate the number of dominoes required.

You can also read the resolution passed by Congress in 2009, designating March 14th as National Pi Day; learn pi fun facts, and buy cool pi gear.

Check out this article from the Virginia Governor's Academy for Engineering Studies, which inspired some of the ideas on our list, for more fun ways to celebrate Pi Day.

Whatever celebration you choose, we wish you a very Happy Pi Day and tasty pie all year long.

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Favorite bakeries in Northern Virginia and playful ways to celebrate Pi Day, plus helpful websites with pi facts and fun.
Pie Shops and Pi Day Northern Virginia