Beautiful Blooms Park Trails and Nature in Manassas Park VA

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The scenic Blooms Park trails deliver a nice workout on paved paths at a former golf course turned natural area. Tucked in a quiet corner of Manassas Park, the paved walking trails offer a lovely dose of nature in busy Northern Virginia. The park is a pretty spot for hiking, jogging, dog-walking (leash required), and birding.

Blooms Park was formerly the General's Ridge Golf Course (we tried Foot Golf here in 2015). The City of Manassas Park took over the 270-acre parcel in 2019, and transformed it into a passive park where residents and visitors can enjoy nature, birds, and wildlife.

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The paved trails here were once golf cart paths, allowing golfers to travel between the tees and greens. Despite the open green space, the trails are mostly shady and pleasant even in summer.

Like rails-to-trails conversions, the transformation of golf courses into green spaces is a trend we love. We also highly recommend the trails at Cool Spring Battlefield, a former golf course in beautiful Bluemont VA.

Shady section of the Yellow Trail
Shady trail Blooms Park

Remnants of the golf course remain, including Slow Down signs on steep downhills, side paths to former tees, and the occasional stairs or bridge to nowhere. There are two small bathrooms by the Yellow Trail but they were locked during our hike.

Former golf course Slow Down sign in Blooms Park
Golf Course Slow Down Sign

There are 4.25 miles of trails at Blooms Park:

  • the Yellow Trail is a 3.4-mile moderately difficult loop around the edges of the park. This is the longest marked trail in the park.
  • the Orange Trail is an easier .9- mile loop that avoids the steepest hills.
  • multiple Blue Shortcuts allow hikers to cut through wooded sections and create shorter loops.

The combination of trails and shortcuts make it easy to adjust distances and difficulty to meet your group's needs.

Blooms Park Yellow Trail Hike

Even though the Yellow Trail at Blooms Park is paved and easy to follow, this is not an easy hike. The path goes up and down very steep hills with grades up to 13%. Fortunately, that makes for a nice workout and there are benches and tables where you can stop for a rest if needed.

Here is a map of the Yellow Trail route (recorded with AllTrails). The total distance is 3.6 miles, including the .3-mile gap where I forgot to turn on recording. As you can see on the park map, you can easily create a shorter hike by using some of the blue-blazed shortcuts.

Blooms Park Yellow Trail map recorded with AllTrails
Blooms Park Yellow Trail Map

To reach the Blooms Park trailhead, walk behind the right side of the white park building (formerly the Manassas Park Library). A large information sign displays a nice clear map of the trails (snap a pic!), which we appreciate. You can also use the QR code to open the park website and map.

Blooms Park trailhead sign
Blooms Park Trailhead Sign

Turn right to hike the Yellow Trail in a counter-clockwise direction. This way you'll be headed downhill on the steepest and longest hill near the mile mark. The path crosses an open field and skirts the edge of the woods where the beauty of Blooms Park really opens up.

The grass next to the path is mowed, but the former tees and greens of the golf course have been allowed to grow wild. This creates a beautiful landscape of lush grasses and wildflowers backed by open vistas and woods.

Scenic Blooms Park in Northern VA
Scenic Blooms Park in Northern VA

The paved trails are marked with colored arrows painted on the pavement (though some have faded) and the trail is very easy to follow. Poles mark every half-mile so you have a good sense of how much further you have to go.

Trail distance marker in Blooms Park
Trail distance marker

If you'd like a shorter hike, follow the Orange Trail for a .9-mile loop through a portion of the park. This shorter loop trail is also paved and mostly shady. You can also create shorter loops by combining portions of the Orange and Yellow Trail and using the Blue Short-cuts.

What to Look for on the Yellow Trail

Much of the time you'll have woodland views to one side and open fields to the other. Watch for wildlife including deer, foxes, turkeys, rabbits, and snakes. The park welcome sign even includes a warning about potential wildlife.

Birds are plentiful at Blooms Park and you may see Indigo Buntings, swallows, wrens, hawks, eagles, owls, woodpeckers, Blue Grosbeaks, Cardinals, and more. We also saw many butterflies in the fields and on a beautiful stand of Glorybower growing next to the trail.

There's a nice rocky outcropping after the half-mile mark. Watch out for snakes if you decide to climb the rocks.

Rocky area by the Yellow Trail in Blooms Park
Rocky Area by the Yellow Trail

Soon after the 1-mile marker is a small pond at the bottom of a hill. This is a nice spot to stop for a break, and there are 2 picnic tables near the water. Keep an eye out for ducks and turtles in the water.

Pond and picnic table at Blooms Park
Pond and Picnic Tables

It's not visible from the trail, but Bull Run and the Bull Run Occoquan Trail is through the woods to your right. The Union Mill Trestle once crossed the river nearby and this area was once known as Union Mill Park. This was the site of Civil War activity during the battles of Bull Run, and the trestle changed hands 4 times during the war.

Unfortunately, the trail gets noisier after the pond due to industry and traffic nearby. The views are still pretty, as the trail borders and crosses the Russia Branch stream. You'll have glimpses of a few houses and neighborhoods, but the trail still feels remote overall.

Russia Branch in Blooms Park
Russia Branch

Visit Blooms Park in Manassas Park VA

Here is essential information to plan your Blooms Park visit, along with links to sites with more information.

Where is Blooms Park?

The park is located at 9701 Manassas Drive in Manassas Park VA.

When is the park open?

Blooms Park is open daily from dawn to dusk, year-round.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is a large, free parking lot near the trailhead.

Are there fees to enter and park?

No, both parking and entrance are free.

Are dogs allowed on the trails?

Yes, leashed dogs are allowed on Blooms Park trails and it is a popular spot for hiking with dogs. There are convenient doggie bag stations along the trails.

Are there places to picnic in the park?

Yes, there are several picnic tables and benches dotted throughout the park. For example, there are two picnic tables near a small pond near mile 1.5 of the Yellow Trail.

Are the trails wheelchair accessible?

No, the trails are not ADA compliant due to very steep grades. Even the shorter Orange Trail has grades as high as 9%. In addition, the pavement is cracked and broken in some areas.

Check our guide to Wheelchair Accessible Trails in Northern Virginia for alternatives.

Where can I find more information about Blooms Park?

Blooms Park is managed by City of Manassas Park & Recreation. Find additional information and the latest alerts on the park website.

Are there restroom facilities at the park?

No, since the Manassas Park Library has moved, bathrooms inside the building at Blooms Park are no longer available. Small restrooms near the Yellow Trail were locked during our visit.

Fun Things to Do Near Blooms Park

Here are a few ideas for fun things to do after your hike at Blooms Park:

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Beautiful trails at Blooms Park deliver scenic views and a good workout on paved paths at a former golf course turned natural area in Manassas Park Virginia.
Blooms Park Trails in Northern VA