Northern Virginia Snowstorms: 5 Helpful Sites for Tracking Winter Weather

Updated on December 11, 2023 by Julie McCool

Here are five sites that provide useful updates and information for tracking Northern Virginia snowstorms and winter weather. These sites will help you monitor conditions and emergencies in your area.

When winter flakes are falling, we are happy to hunker down and stay snowbound for a few days—as long as we don't lose power. Whether the latest snowstorm will be historic—like the record-setting totals achieved during Winter Storm Jonas (aka Snowzilla or the Blizzard of 2016)—or just a dusting, it's good to stay informed.

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For an understanding of why the Washington DC area is so often brought to its knees by even a small accumulation, or the dreaded “wintry mix,” take a look at this excellent WaPo article confirming that we are not just weather wimps.

When the snow is done and it's safe to venture out, check out these fun places to go after a Northern Virginia snowstorm.

Sites for Monitoring Northern Virginia Snowstorms

Grab the computer and head online to these 5 sites that will help you track winter snowstorms in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area.

1. Capital Weather Gang, Washington Post

Snowzilla Capital Weather Gang image
Photo credit: weatherbell, modified by Capital Weather Gang

For excellent, in-depth area weather forecasts and updates, we rely on the Capital Weather Gang. Weather geeks will appreciate the detailed discussion of the forecast models. The gang also provides great updates on local and global weather on their Threads account.

And we can all appreciate the dose of humor that the gang adds. CWG officially dubbed the January 2016 storm Snowzilla, in honor of its monstrous size and with help from a reader poll. CWG is a great resource for weather updates year-round, not just during Northern Virginia snowstorms.

2. VDOT Plows, VDOT

Track VDOT Plows during Northern Virginia snowstorms
VDOT Plows Map

After two inches of snow have accumulated, this interactive map tracks the progress of Virginia snow plows. It's a great tool for checking out where the plows have been and speculating on when they will reach your neighborhood. Also worth a look before you venture out after the snow stops falling.

Unfortunately, the map is not always up to date so use caution. The VDOT map also doesn't tell you when your street will be cleared.

3. Virginia 511 Web, VDOT

check Virginia traffic during Northern Virginia snowstorms
Virginia Traffic Information Map

VDOT's interactive map provides updates on road closures and accidents. It also links to traffic cameras throughout the state (when you can get the camera to load). This is a useful site during Northern Virginia snowstorms or any weather emergency.

Of course, you really don't need to monitor this site during a major storm because you should stay home and off the road!

4. Dominion Power Outages, Dominion Virginia Power

Dominion Energy Virginia Power Outage Map
Dominion Energy Virginia Power Outage Map

View known outages in the region on a text grid or an interactive map. If your power is out and you want to report the outage, call 866-366-4357. Use the same number to report downed lines.

5. County Emergency Sites

Use the Fairfax County Emergency Site to track winter snowstorms in Northern Virginia
Fairfax County Emergency Site

Fairfax County has a good collection of links and advice on their snow Emergency page. For the most immediate updates on Northern Virginia snowstorm and other weather-related impacts, visit the Fairfax County Emergency blog.

You may also find timely updates on Northern Virginia snowstorms on county social media accounts. Follow the Facebook accounts for the Fairfax County Department of Emergency Management and the Fairfax County Government.

Prince Willian County Emergency Info
Prince Willian County Emergency Info

Check the Prince William County Emergency Site for the latest on closures and weather-related issues in the county. The site has lots of information and links to other resources.

Unfortunately, we did not find a useful weather emergency page on the Loudoun County website. One option is to sign up for the Alert Loudoun notification system.

BONUS: Skyline Drive Updates

Even when the snow is mild near DC, Shenandoah National Park is often hit with icy conditions, forcing full and partial closings of Skyline Drive. If you're planning to visit the park during the winter, check the hotline number first.

To check Skyline Drive status dial 1-540-999-3500; select 1, then 1 for park alerts. You can also check Shenandoah National Park on Twitter, but we hear the number updates more quickly.

You can take a look at the snow from afar on the Shenandoah Park Webcams.

Prefer to stay inside? Check out our guide to Indoor Activities in Northern Virginia to Escape Winter Cold or a Rainy Day. Stay warm, stay safe, and enjoy the snow!

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