Perfect Pasta at Pazzo Pomodoro in Vienna

On a rainy day, we crave pasta like the deliciousness that Pazzo Pomodoro serves up in Vienna. Located in yet another nondescript strip mall, at the corner of Maple Ave and Branch Road, you’ll smile when you step inside to find a warm, casual trattoria atmosphere. The large mural of the Amalfi Coast, and the warm bread and oil that started our meal, took the rainy day chill away in a hurry.

Momentarily tempted by the pizza (authentically prepared in a beautiful pizza oven brought over from Italy) and fish dishes on the menu, we returned to sanity and ordered two of the house-made pastas. The agnolotti–creamy pillows stuffed with spinach in a ricotta mascarpone sauce–were rich and comforting. A mound of fettuccine combined with fresh crabmeat and spinach in a white wine garlic sauce makes the Fettucine con Grancho feel both satisfying and light.

Thankfully, Pazzo Pomodoro avoids the ridiculous serving sizes most American chains rely on (quantity over quality). Even so, we had to take some of the fettucine home so we’d have room for dessert. Ah, the dessert. We imagine all of the desserts are good, but we will never know for sure because we are compelled to order the Baci de Sophia Loren every time.  Adorable little chocolate cups filled with marscapone and topped with fresh raspberries–delicious!

There is no outdoor seating, but you can relax at the small bar and have a drink if there is a wait for your table. You will generally find a mix of large and small groups, romantic couples or family gatherings, and often, a little Italian being spoken. Don’t wait for the rain, pasta is the right choice every day.

Pazzo Pomodoro
118 Branch Rd SE
Vienna, VA 22180
(703) 281-7777

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