Sidewalk Sun: Fairfax CCT Segment 6

Updated on November 7, 2023 by Julie McCool

Sadly, Fairfax CCT Segment 6 is a long, dull slog down the sidewalk of busy Blake Lane with boundless opportunities to listen to traffic and wait at road crossings. As we noted in 5 Tips for Hiking the Fairfax Cross County Trail, we suggest you skip segment 6 altogether. If you're a purist, though, and keen to complete the entire 40-plus miles of the CCT, be sure to walk this segment on a cool and cloudy day.

Hiking north to south, CCT segment 6 begins on Jermantown Road (park at Oak Marr Rec Center), crosses Route 123 onto Blake Lane, then follows the sidewalk for 3 miles, ending at Thaiss Park. Here are “highlights” and activities for segment 6:

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See how fast you can get to the next snippet of shade while you count cars on the busy road.

Hot sidewalk CCT seg 6
Hot sidewalk CCT segment 6


Watch the traffic as you cross over Route 66. If it's rush hour, they'll be having even less fun than you.

Route 66 CCT seg 6
Route 66 from CCT segment 6


Wait at the many busy intersections for walk lights that may never come.

Intersection CCT seg6
Intersection CCT segment 6


Count the chains you pass along the way.

IHop CCT seg6
Chains and traffic CCT segment 6


Enjoy the many street signs.

Route sign CCT seg6
Route sign CCT segment 6

You'll find long stretches of exposed concrete and a few snippets of shade as you inhale the fumes from all the traffic. Really, just skip it. We won't tell.

P.S. We adore the Fairfax Cross County Trail and are endlessly grateful to the people who worked so hard to create this amazing pathway through Fairfax County. We hope they'll forgive our snark about the dreaded CCT segment 6.