Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Park Hike and History

Updated on May 9, 2023 by Julie McCool

It's always rewarding to find a short hike that offers soothing nature, a dramatic view, and a little history. Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park, a 67-acre park located on Edwards Ferry Road in Loudoun County, is a nice stop on your next visit to Leesburg.

Paxton Farm History at Red Rock Wilderness

Before your hike, take a closer look at the ruins of several buildings, built in the late 1800s, by wealthy gentleman farmer, Charles Paxton. The large Carriage House was used to store carriages and farm equipment and was in use until the 1930s.

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Carriage house ruin Red Rock Carriage house sign Red Rock

The nearby Well House was used to store water, and it's construction of poured concrete is very unusual for the time period. Look for the date, 1885, etched into the side of the building. Two kinds of grain could be stored in the two-chambered granary, before being transported to market over the Potomac at White's Ferry.

Granary ruins Red Rock

You'll see the final Paxton building on the way back from your hike, a preserved Ice House, nicely restored by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA).

The Historical Marker Database has more info on the buildings at Red Rock Wilderness Overlook and nearby historical markers.

Hiking Trails at Red Rock Wilderness

The primary trail at Red Rock is a 1.2 mile circuit that takes you through the woods, down to the Potomac, and along a bluff with great river views. You can shorten your hike by taking one of several return trails.

Red Rocks Overlook trail map

The White Trail begins just past the granary, and is mostly an easy dirt trail with a few steep spots and a stream crossing over a small bridge. Since the trail is through the woods, it is nicely shaded and makes a nice warm weather hike.

White trail Red Rock

The trail spur down to the Potomac is quite steep but worth the effort.

Path to river Red Rock

The banks of the Potomac are heavily treed here, and you'll likely see lots of birds along with pretty water views. We spied a Pileated Woodpecker peeking out of a hole high up in one of the trees.

Potomac view Red Rock

You can either walk along the river until you reach a steep climb to the bluff, or turn back, like we did, to rejoin the spur back to the white trail.

Bluff Red Rock Potomac ledge Red Rock

Continuing on, the white trail follows the bluff then turns back into the woods before making a short climb up to the Potomac overlook.

Red Rock trail

There's a nice bench at the overlook if you want to stop for a picnic or a rest. The view is beautiful and peaceful.

Potomac overlook Red Rock

When you're ready, continue following the white trail along the edge of the property and back toward the park entrance. Stop to admire the Ice House, where ice harvested from the Potomac was stored for use by the farm. Imagine the challenge of hauling those chunks of ice from the banks of the river up the hills you just hiked.

Ice House Red Rock

There are two picnic tables, one by the Ice House and one by the Granary, so you could enjoy a picnic near the parking area.

Picnic spot Red Rock

If you want a post-hike lunch but didn't bring your own food, we suggest nearby Fire Works Pizza or the Blue Ridge Grill.

Despite being very close to Leesburg center, Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Regional Park is a nice, quiet spot for a break from the busy malls and streets nearby.

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