Tasty Bento Lunch at Ariake in Reston

Updated on November 7, 2023 by Julie McCool

We love a tasty bento lunch and pleasant outdoor seating, and Ariake Japanese Restaurant in Reston delivers both. We've already established the essentials of patio dining—a little shade, a buffer from the road or parking lot, and yummy food. Ariake's patio adds a little waterfall to increase the peace.

When it replaced the previous chain restaurant, many locals questioned whether a small Japanese restaurant could survive in the space. Happily, Ariake has not only survived, it's popping. At lunchtime you may find the parking lot full, but it's easy enough to head across the street and park in the Hunter Mill Plaza lot.

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Ariake's lunch menu features several bento box and sushi lunch specials. Our group particularly liked the Tempura and Salmon Terryaki, Sushi Roll Combo, and the Deluxa Sushi Lunch. Alternatively, you could order something simple like the Chicken Terryaki, or something crazy like the Godzilla Roll.

Why not go a little crazy and honor the campy but fun Godzilla movie by devouring the roll-sized version of the good-guy monster?

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a lunch bento?

Location Details

Ariake Japanese Restaurant
12184 Glade Drive
Reston, VA 20191
(703) 391-9006