Bollywood Bistro Entertains in Old Town Fairfax

Updated on November 7, 2023 by Julie McCool

Last weekend we made our first visit to Bollywood Bistro, and enjoyed an entertaining evening of outdoor dining in Old Town Fairfax. Our table was quiet, the service was excellent and the contemporary Indian food was delicious.

If you've walked around Old Town Fairfax lately, you know there are quite a few good dining options—Thai, Mediterranean, Italian, Irish, Middle Eastern—the list goes on. We were out on a beautiful evening, and were drawn to several restaurants surrounding an outdoor patio on North Street (between Chain Bridge and University). We had noticed the large Green Turtle sports bar before, but the small group of restaurants next to it are a little more hidden.

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Inside, Bollywood Bistro features soft lighting and a wall of Bollywood movie star photos. We chose a table outside, on the side patio, which is quieter and more private than the area in front. Bollywood Bistro starts the meal with complimentary papadum served with 3 dipping sauces. For dinner, we ordered Phool Gobi—a vegetarian dish of cauliflower, potatoes and peas—and Chicken Vindaloo. The menu only lists Lamb Vindaloo, but they were happy to substitute chicken at our request. We also ordered the Rosemary Naan, which smelled incredible and is my new favorite bread. Top it all off with a Maharaja beer, and we were more than satisfied.

Bollywood Bistro
3955 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 273-0031