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Fun in Fairfax VA is on a mission to uncover funness in Northern Virginia, with occasional side trips to DC and surrounding areas. We’re always looking for cool local places to explore, hike, bike, eat, drink, learn, and play and we’re sharing our favorites here.

Charles and Julie McCool are long-time Fairfax County residents, avid local explorers, and parents of twin high schoolers. Charles started Fun in Fairfax in 2010, with a light-hearted Twitter account capturing cool and funny spots in Fairfax County.


In 2014, Julie launched the expanded FuninFairfaxVA.com site, with regular updates on places to explore and dine, plus a weekly round-up of local events and festivals.

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Do you know a great park, restaurant, hike, attraction, event or other fun in Northern Virginia that we should check out? Please send us a note.

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Thank you and may your days be filled with fun!

More From Charles McCool

You’ll find Charles at McCoolTravel.com, where he shares travel tips and destination advice that will save you time, money, and stress on every trip. Charles has been featured in the World’s Smartest Traveler series, CNN, Frommers, USA Today, and other publications, and is a regular columnist for Consumer Travel.



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